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Event Type: Closed
Title: Dover Tn ride
Road Captain: George Phillips
E-Mail: gsphillips52@live.com
Phone: 256.572.0805
Date: Sept 30, 2017
Departure Time: 9:00 AM
Departure Point: Dodge House Truck stop, Dodge City Ext 299 off I-65
Destination: Dover, Tn
Extimated Mileage: 240 miles
Rain Cancels Ride: Yes
Route: Short ride on I-65 then 2 lane ride
Description: Head to Dover, Tn with a stop in Tennessee Ridge, Tn for lunch at the Ridge Restaurant (great food and friendly service) then on to Dover for a bisit to Fort Donelson National Park to visit the old civil war fort. We will spend the night at the Dover Inn, you will need to make reservation gor one night 931-232-5556. We will return on Sunday after breakfast at the Dover Grill.